Behavior and skillsEdit

Like regular Antlions, workers can fly short distances; however, their wings are smaller, therefore workers cannot fly as far as regular Antlions. Antlion workers primarily attack by hurling 'spitballs' of neurotoxin at foes from a distance with great accuracy, similar to Bullsquids. If caught up close they will attack with their claws, but they usually prefer to use their more powerful ranged attack and will often retreat if their attacker gets too close. These factors combine to make the Antlion worker an uncommonly standoffish foe.

When killed, Antlion Workers explode in a shower of acid inflicting considerable splash damage on anything within range.


Antlion Workers are stronger than normal Antlions, and due to their highly effective ranged attacks, they are also more versatile. Closing with one has one advantage, but two disadvantages.

Assaulting a Worker up close can be a viable strategy in some situations, because although they can attack with their claws, this is not particularly effective and they will usually try to retreat instead, giving a chance to chew them up with the MP7 or the shotgun as they try to escape. On the other hand, if the distance is not closed fast enough, and the worker has time to use its ranged attack, there is less time to dodge the projectile then from far away. Keep in mind that when the worker dies, it showers everything nearby in acid.

Alternatively, keep a good distance and engage with a ranged weapon, such as the Colt Python. Workers skitter around a fair bit, but will stop moving to use their ranged attack, giving enough time to score a hit and dodge their attack. A Worker should go down with two or three Python hits, depending on difficulty level. This is the safest strategy.

Like regular Antlions, Workers can be flipped over with the Gravity Gun, exposing their more vulnerable undersides and allowing an easy kill.

The only way to kill an Antlion Worker without having it explode is to lure it into deep water, causing it to drown or, alternately, lead it into the tongue of a barnacle. However, when the barnacle bites into it, the worker will still explode, killing the barnacle.