Deftin's Bunker is a location in Dan's Half Life Game. The bunker is located between Point Depot and the Combine Air Tower. The bunker contains many Aperture Science logos and one audio tape containing dialogue between Dr. Alexander Jones and Greg. It also houses a vortigaunt, Jerry and Fritz, Commander Deftin, many citizens and rebels, and Owen. The Deftin War also occurs here.

Overview (free edit)Edit

The bunker is slightly above ground, and very large, so it can house all the rebels, citizens, and soldiers. It is led by Commander Deftin, and there are very few medics. Often, the combines send scouts which don't return.

Trivia (free edit)Edit

  • The character Dr. Alexander Jones most likely has traveled here, as a man named Ringo says that Dr. Alexander Jones is one of the best people he's ever met, which means that he's stayed at Deftin's Bunker for a while.