Owen during the Deftin Battle

Lt. Owen Davis, more commonly referred to as Owen, is Commander Deftin's second in command and also acts as a greeter and briefly mentions the story of what has happened at Deftin's Bunker before the chapter began. Owen also brings you to Commander Deftin, who recruits you to help win over Point Depot


Owen seems to be braver than Commander Deftin, and seems to be less strict and kinder, as Deftin yells at everyone that disobeys him. Owen also doesn't respond to the anger sent towards him by Deftin. Owen also doesn't carry an OICW. He carries a special type of shotgun.

Owen has also survived a gunshot, as seen during the Deftin War

Owen seems to be much older than Deftin, and many of the rebels say that Owen should be the leader instead of Deftin.

Owen wears Conscript armor, much like Deftin.


  • Owen is identical in appearance to Ivan. This is due to the fact that the developer of these stories is lazy.


"Hello, I'm Lt. Owen Davis. Call me Owen."

"This is the Deftin Bunker."

"We get a few raids from the Combine, but we always win."

"Almost everybody here is armed."

"Hey! How's Fritz holdin' up?"


"Anyways, we've been hearing that the Combine are gonna send a large force. Starting a war or something."

"Not many medics here. Any medics we have, we cherish."

"This is Commander Deftin. He's in charge here."


"Can somebody get me some cover?"

"Peters is dead!"

"Somebody cover Manridge!"

"Gahh! I'm hit!"

"Can somebody get me a medic?"

"I need a medic!"

"I need some ammo!"

"Thanks for patching me up."

"There's a sniper up there!

"Somebody get that sniper!"